Two of V4P’s Policy Education Committee members (photographed above) had the opportunity to present to the Association of County Commissioners’ (ACCG) Public Safety and the Courts Committee. ACCG Committee membership is open to all elected and appointed officials. Members of the Public Safety and the Courts committee consisted of representatives from the Georgia Sheriff’s Association, Prosecuting Attorneys Council, County Commissioners and many more key community stakeholders!

Michael and Brittney presented the following points:

  • Private parties have repeatedly been identified as the primary source by which minors obtain alcohol; frequently lacking adult supervision and often a source of other drug use, risky sexual behaviors, violence and vandalism. (Shared statistics from GA Student Health Survey).
  • A Social Host Ordinance has proven (in Fayette County) to be an added tool for parents in deferring youth access to alcohol.
  • Social Host Ordinances are an asset for law enforcement in addressing college parties; removes the burden of who provided the alcohol and holds the person in control of the property responsible.
  • Social Host currently focuses on reducing youth access to alcohol by holding host(s) accountable for underage consumption but it can potentially expand to cover other substances.
  • V4P is an alliance of coalitions, here to serve as partners in prevention.

More exciting news!!!— As a result of the presentation, the Public Safety and the Courts Committee will provide a letter of support on behalf of ACCG for Social Hosting efforts.