Voices for Prevention will increase Georgia’s commitment and investment in substance abuse prevention through statewide leadership that is visionary, inclusive, and results-oriented.


The mission of V4P is to build a unified statewide voice for substance abuse prevention by collaborating with a diverse group of prevention specialists, service providers, community coalition members and individuals with an interest in and a commitment to substance abuse prevention. This mission will be accomplished by advocating and educating on substance abuse and related issues.


For many years, a prevention advocacy body existed here in Georgia called the Georgia Prevention Network (GPN). This was a network of prevention professionals, agencies and coalitions whose vision was to create lasting change in the lives of people by increasing Georgia’s commitment and investment in prevention. Unfortunately GPN ceased to exist in the early 2000’s and failed to be revived on two occasions.

In 2014, the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), Office of Prevention Services and Programs (OPSP) saw this lack of prevention advocacy as a significant need here in Georgia. This was view was solidified when the issue of Sunday alcohol sales came about and there was no “voice” for prevention telling our communities that this could lead to a host of negative consequences. That same year, DBHDD/OPSP with the assistance of the Cobb Alcohol Taskforce, created Voices for Prevention (V4P).

We know how important the anti-alcohol/drug message is, but how can we effectively spread the word? Voices for Prevention is that answer!