Webinar Summary: Opioid addiction is receiving a lot of media and national attention but what can we do as prevention professionals or concerned community members? The Stuckey family would like to share what they have learned on their journey. By the end of the webinar you will understand how to:

  1. Educate families on early warning signs so they can seek professional help at a much earlier stage of the disease’s (opioid addiction) progression.
  2. Educate families on what they can do in family lifestyles to help reduce the risk of the disease activating itself.
  3. Help reduce the stigma associated with this disease which keeps families and individuals from educating themselves, seeking help and advice, etc. This can be done by sharing that this is a disease and not a choice, 1 in 3 families in the US is dealing with this disease (not alone), 1 in 10 people over the age of 12 has the disease of addiction and while there is no cure for the disease….many, many people are able to put this disease in remission.


Dan and his wife Jan both were born, grew up and graduate from high school in Marion, Ohio. Dan then went to Ohio Northern University to become an Electrical Engineer and Jan went to Ohio State. After college Jan and Dan got married and Dan took a job with Eveready Battery Company (Energizer) in Bennington, Vermont. Dan spent his entire 35 year career with Energizer where over time he became Vice President of Global Strategic Business Units and New Business Development. This career took him and his family all over the country including stays in Missouri, Ohio and Florida.

Dan and Jan have four children all of which graduated from Avon Lake (Ohio) High School. One of their four kids (John) developed an addiction disease with the drug of choice being opiates.

John graduated from Kent State University in hospitality management. He followed this career in St Louis Missouri for a number of years where his disease of addiction took over his life as well as Dan and Jans life. After five long years of frustration and hell , John and they finally found the help their John needed. The good news is that their John is currently working on his 5th year of sobriety and works in St Louis at ARCA Midwest (recovery Center) as a peer therapist as well as being Manager of Recovery House which has 7 Mens Sober Living Houses holding 130 men. John is also President and Executive Director of ARCHway.

Dan and Jan retired in 2013 and they spend half their time in Punta Gorda, Florida and the other half in Roaming Shores, Ohio. The Stuckey family along with the Menizies family created ARCHway to help others get the information and resources they need to help them on their family journey of recovery. ARCHway is an all-volunteer organization that is a small four year old organization. By finding other families (with similar experience) that want to change the direction of this current addiction epidemic, ARCHway has grown and is now doing work in Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Colorado.

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