The mission of HPRC is to work independently and collaboratively to develop a comprehensive network of culturally competent programs and services to empower and promote the development of healthy families and communities. For over 20 years, HPRC has successfully implemented grant funded youth development programs for high risk youth in both urban and rural communities. Evaluations of these initiatives document that the innovative youth development model, based on risk/protective factors and developmental assets research, implemented in different settings (community, school and faith-based institutions) is not only replicable, but also adaptable to address an array of at risk behaviors among youth. HPRC has a successful history of implementing off campus prevention programs that are more than two to three hours from Atlanta through partnerships with community-based organizations and/or school systems. Community Alcohol Prevention Project (CAPP) was created to address the alcohol related challenges facing Lamar (Barnesville and Milner, GA), Pike (Concord and Molena, GA) and Talbot (Talbotton, GA) counties and HRPC has achieved many successes including:
  1. Improved Community Readiness Scores
  2. Established Alcohol Prevention Coalition
  3. Signed Merchant Pledges
  4. Community Collaboration Support – (Family Connections)
  5. Local Government Support
  6. Prevention Series Trained Staff
  7. PCCG Certified Staff
  8. Signed MOUs
  9. Local Stakeholders: Law Enforcement, Community Organizations, College
  10. Faith Base Groups, CPAW-Members, Data Support, Responsible Beverage Serving
  11. Training (RBST)-Video Developed and Electronic Surveys, CPAW-Monthly Meeting
For more information on the great work of MSM-HPRC please contact the Program Manager, Debera Ayers