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Voices for Prevention will increase Georgia’s commitment and investment in substance abuse prevention through statewide leadership that is visionary, inclusive, and results-oriented.

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June 8, 2018

Written By: Calvin Pegus Child health disparities have always been a concern for healthcare practitioners, social scientist, and policymakers.  Health disparities are the differences in health outcomes for specific health indexes between groups within the population.  As the opioid epidemic ravages the fabric of American communities across the nation, opioid addiction continues to have a… Read more »

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May 30, 2018

Written By: Calvin Pegus Harm Reduction Model and the relationship to public health is a set of strategies and/or ideas that are used to reduce the damaging consequences associated with substance abuse.   Harm Reduction Model utilizes interdisciplinary approaches like needle exchange programs, educating people on practicing safer usage, and abstinence.  It is a social movement… Read more »

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